What – North Indian , South Indian, Chinese, Thai, European

Where – The Residency Towers, 115, Pondy Bazaar, Sir Thyagaraya Road, T. Nagar, Chennai

When- All day, all night! 24 hours. Dinner Buffet – 7.30 PM to 11.30 PM (Post 11.30PM – Midnight buffet)

How Much – Lunch- Rs. 875 (Mon-Sat), Rs. 910 (Sun) – Dinner – Rs. 950 (Mon-Sun)

Must Have Dishes – Taaza Panneer, Homemade Chicken, Garlic Loaf, Dahi Papdi Chat, Vegetable Hakka Noodles, Apple Pudding,Gulab Jamun


Residency Towers Chennai Buffet Review

The Quiet Little Food Paradise

Residency Towers, T.Nagar has been a prestigious landmark for years now and its restaurants, mainly the Crown and the Main Street have managed to be on the must-visit star hotels list for quite sometime now. It was my friend’s birthday and after hours of gruesome searching, we finalized upon the Residency Towers, thanks to its price and decent reviews. As we made our way into the restaurant, we found that the booking in advance wasn’t required for there were hardly four tables that were full. A courteous and warm welcome, the awe-inspiring London Street theme of the restaurant are bound to make you happy and feel comfortable.

main street residency towers buffet


The Residency Towers Buffet Story

The Starters

The vegetable bean broth soup, to start with was pretty close to a disappointment. It was watery and lacked the punch. Small plates of starters were served on the table of which the Gobi 65 was very good and there wasn’t a single thing that you could talk ill about it. The Taaza Paneer had some really ‘taaza’ paneer in it and it would have been a true ’5 star’ dish, only if it had lesser oil. The Paneers were simply floating in oil. The home made chicken was a tad less juicy but pretty tasty.


Moving on to the breads, we weren’t really in the mood to fill our stomachs with bread, for we had already set our sights on the huge dessert spread. However, the garlic bread, definitely needs a special applause. The ‘spicy’ corn salad could have probably been named as ‘salty + least spicy’ corn salad and the pasta was cold and bland . I would definitely prefer Sam’s Pizza’s red sauce pasta to this, on any day!

Overall, the starters ranked somewhere between average and good. Not a disappointment but definitely there’s some room for improvement.

The Chats

This section took all of us by surprise. We ordered the dahi papdi chat, sev poori, bhel poori and the paani poori with the idea of tasting everything. We must give it to the ‘chat wala’ . All the dishes were stupendous ! The dahi was extremely creamy and this resulted in a second order. The chats are only on order and you are bound to give it a miss. If you are at the Main Street, do not forget to get your chats on the table.

The Main Course

We started off with the naan which was soft, buttery and definitely passable, so were the rotis and they blended really well with the Kadai Paneer and Sabji Makhanwala. The Tandoori Kela was the pick of the main course sides for the masala was perfect and this raw banana dish is a must try. And how on earth could I forget the butterchicken masala? Generous chunks of chicken floated in the buttery, spicy gravy and the kashmiri pulao got over within seconds, thanks to the butter chicken . The hakka noodles was soft, freshly cooked and had a well balanced flavor. The Zucchini & Mushroom Soya Sauce will definitely impress you if you are a hardcore mushroom lover ( like me). We limited our main course to the maximum extent possible, to save ample space for the grand dessert spread. :)

main street residency towers buffet

The Desserts

I can simply write a separate post on this section of the buffet. The dessert spread was simply huge and lived up to the reputation of being one of the places that served the best desserts on their buffets, in Chennai. The only disappointment with the desserts section was – the plates were too small!

Gulab jamun to start with was one of the best I’ve ever tasted! The man who made it is definitely a pro at it. All the Indian sweets were good and so was the fruit custard. The apple pie was amazing with the right amount of sweetness and the apple puddings kept going in. The chocolate gateaux was tasty but dry. The fig & honey roulade was yummy and so were strawberry tresleches. I have never tasted a tresleche and this one has ensured that I add it to my favorite desserts list.

Finally, it was time for some ice cream!There were six flavors in all- vanilla, chocolate, butterscotch, strawberry, coffee and tutti fruity. It was definitely impossible to try out all the six and so we had to take a gamble and I ended up trying four flavours – chocolate, butterscotch,coffee and tutti fruity. Coffee was a bit disappointing while tutti fruity was the best. However, all the flavors were creamy and pretty fresh. The best part about the ice cream section was the amazing variety of toppings. You could add the orange, black currant, green apple or mango syrup and the jujubs, dried mango/lemon or the candy! It was literally a ‘mini Ibaco’ outlet out there! :D


There’s not much to talk about the service for it was a ‘self service buffet’, except for the soup,first plate of starters and the chat. However, the staff were really courteous and never failed to smile ( even when a few old men were making a ruckus over the drinks served in the table beside ours)

The Price

Considering the spread and the variety of desserts at stake, the Residency Towers Buffet’s price of Rs 825 was definitely worth it. I am not a big fan of spending a four digit figure on a single meal and so this was a pretty decent offer, in my point of view.

The Final Word 

To sum up the Residency Towers Buffet Review, you are definitely going to enjoy this buffet if you are a dessert lover. The wide variety of main courses make it worth the money. However, there is always some room for improvement when it comes to the starters. If you are looking at dining in a star hotel for a three digit buffet price, the Residency Towers Chennai Buffet is definitely going to be one of your best options!

main street residency towers buffet
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Residency Towers Chennai Buffet Review -Main Street
One of the most sought after star dining options in Chennai with an extensive main course!
Value for Money80%
Quality & Hygiene85%
77%Overall Score
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