What – Pan Asian Delicacies

Where – 26, Sardar Patel Road, Adyar, Chennai . 044 30853608

When– 11 AM to 3:30 PM, 7 PM to 11 PM

Olive & Basil Review

The restaurant that has broken all stereotypes!

I have always wondered what could this little place in the first floor of a dingy building offer. With such a modern name and no pretentious air, it was tough to believe that this place can actually such good food. That’s when I learnt my lesson: Do not judge a restaurant by its exterior.

What’s on the Menu? – The Food

This place is known for the various Chinese and Thai delicacies it has to offer. The soups were great, but what impressed us more are the main course which mainly consisted of dragon chicken, dragon paneer and miasmara chicken.  For desserts, my  best bet would be on the fried ice-cream which was pretty good. Among all the dishes, it’s their sauces that seem to add that extra bit of magic. The best part of O&B is that you get some delicious oriental cuisine, at rates you would have never imagined! Now, doesn’t that make it all the more worth to actually go check out this place?

olive and basil adyar

The O&B Ambiance & Service

As mentioned earlier, the exterior of Olive and Basil is not what you find around reputed restaurants of today.  And not it’s not like they have given much thought to the interior decoration as well. However, I have come to believe that as long the interior is hygienic and the food tastes great, nothing else should matter much. The odd thing about this place is that, at first glance it might seem like its understaffed, but it turns out that it is just rightly staffed. They not only take your orders, but even take it upon themselves to suggest you some dishes you might like to try! It is possible that on a weekend, you might find the place a bit crowded, so I would suggest you get to the place slightly earlier than usual.

olive and basil adyar menu

The Final Word

Food is great, really easy on the pocket and friendly service. In a nutshell Olive and Basil is much better alternative to your usual stereotypical “restaurant”.

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