What –  Grills & International cuisine

Where – 115, 4th Avenue, Indra Nagar, Adyar, Chennai, Contact No. 044 30853769

When- 12 Noon to 3:30 PM, 6:30 PM to 3 AM

Cleo’s Grill & Café  Review

Every Nocturnal’s dream come true

In today’s time and age, most of us have either chosen to or been forced to stay up till the wee hours of the morning. Well, irrespective of whether it’s our choice or not, we do tend to become hungry at exactly those wee hours! What happens when your fridge turns out to be empty? Well, this is when you step out in search of those godly places that would be open at such hours! And here’s your answer: Cleo’s at Indra Nagar. Aren’t you lucky if you happen to be living there!

cleos grill and cafe

Courtesy: Cleo’s Facebook Page

What’s on the Menu? – The Food

The menu is more focused on Indian and Chinese and serves way more than a café would! It is known for all the chicken dishes, including Chilli Garlic Chicken, Chicken fried rice, hoisin chicken gravy. What’s even better is the quantities you get these in! Definitely meant for all those hungry souls during lunch or dinner or between dinner and breakfast.

This is one of those rare places in Chennai, where beef is served and it tastes good as well! Cleo’s steak is a must have if you like beef. There are a lot of dishes to choose from the very wide menu they have to offer.

cleos grill review

Courtesy: Cleo’s Facebook Page

The Cleo’s Grill and Cafe Ambiance & Service

Another reason you probably shouldn’t miss this place, is for its ambiance. Although, there’s a café in their name, the actual setting is more like a fine dining place with that rustic touch. The partition between tables is of the bygone style: carved wooden partitions. Exactly what you need when you are looking for some quiet as you down your favorite dish.

The Cleo’s Grill and Cafe Menu



Although it may be hard to locate Cleo’s Grill and Cafe at first, once you enter there’s every reason for you to cheer especially if you are an avid meat eater.

The Cleo’s Grill and Cafe Sit Down Buffet

You might also want to check Cleo’s much sought after sit down buffet which is also providing a limited period offer of ‘BUY 4 and GET 1 FREE’. The buffet is also reasonably priced at around 500-600 bucks.

cleos grill and cafe buffet price

Courtesy: Cleos Facebook Page

cleos sit down buffet menu

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