Save your bathroom walls from mold and the peeling paint!


Exhaust fan acts as, artificial ventilation, which expels the hot, moist, and foul-smell outside the room and the Harbour breeze exhaust fan does exactly the same. Once the used air is pushed out, fresh air flows in, due to the temperature difference that is created.


Generally the exhaust fans come in various models, and are based on the location of installation and the purpose of these fans. The purpose of exhaust fan, in science or experiment laboratories, is solely to expel the toxic fumes and the pungent smell that is hazardous to health. They can be installed in the kitchen, bathroom, storeroom or somewhere else as per the need. They are mostly wall-mounted, while the rear portion of the fan faces outside.


Types of exhaust fan that Harbor Breeze provides


Harbor Breeze exhaust fan for bathroom, comes in three types. One is the ceiling-mounted exhaust fan, which is installed on the ceiling. The air from inside the room escapes out, through the ceiling. Another type is the wall-mounted exhaust fans, which are installed on the external wall. The third type is inline/remote fans. This type of exhaust fan is placed in a remote location, and the tubes coming out, is connected to the roof of one bathroom or multiple bathrooms, which then flushes out used-moist air, out from multiple bathroom, simultaneously.


Why use a bathroom exhaust fan?


Absence of exhaust fan or not using the exhaust fan, in a bathroom causes the growth of mold. A small bathroom with shower is more likely to develop mold on the wall. This happens when the walls and ceiling, dampen due to the water molecules that are mixed in the air.


Harbor Breeze Exhaust fan parts


When the exhaust fan product is delivered at your door, it’s important that you check, if the kit includes all the required components.


Here, is a checklist for you, to make sure you have got all the materials needed:

  • Housing → Housing is a case that encloses the delicate components inside the equipment.
  • Wiring cover → A covering that holds the wires in place intact.
  • Wiring cover screw → A screw used to lock the wires between the wiring case and the housing.
  • Motor/Blower → Motor acts as the engine of the exhaust fan that runs on electricity.
  • Screws → Screws found on the motor.
  • Strain relief bracket → A small component that holds the cable in place, to avoid strain on them during usage.
  • Strain relief bracket screw → It is a screw that you’ll find on the strain relief bracket.
  • Light Fixture → It’s is the part, which has a light socket, to fix the bulbs.
  • Thumbscrews → A screw with a flattened head that could be tuned with one’s thumb and forefinger.
  • Glass Dome → It is the dome which encloses the light bulbs inside the light fixture.
  • Finial → It is the component that is used to cover at the top of the glass dome.